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  1. marathoner wesly ngetich killed in kenya violence
    marathoner wesly ngetich who won the minnesota grandmas marathon in 2005 and 2007 and has finished in the top 3 in marathons in austin, houston and toronto was shot in the chest with a arrow and died. i hope this does not turn into a civil war, but i am getting a bad feeling about this, how the kenyan athletes can train and compete in this situationis difficult to understand. 14 of 15 kenyans did not make it to the arizona marathon and the one that did said he used a fake identification card and said he would have been killed if they found out the ID was fake. terrible situation in kenya.

  2. maybe i should have put this in things not track and field as this situation is more important than any meet

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    "PHOENIX -- A noted Kenyan marathoner who had hoped to compete in the Phoenix-area P.F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Marathon two weeks ago has been killed in violence in his home country.

    Wesly Ngetich, 34, died on Monday when he was shot in the chest with an arrow during fighting, according to Race Results Weekly.

    Ngetich was the 2005 and 2007 men’s champion of Duluth, Minn., Grandma’s Marathon. In 2006, Ngetich set his personal best time of 2:12:10 when he finished second at the Chevron Houston Marathon."

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    After filing my original story, I discovered that the date of birth I had referenced was wrong. Ngetich was born Dec. 15, 1977, so he was only 30 at the time of his death.

    A terrible story which is now even worse...

    David Monti, Race Results Weekly

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    newspaper story now on front page

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    Top athletes who will not be able to take part in provincial championships will be given special consideration ahead of the national cross country championship slated for Ngong Racecourse on February 16. ... sid=115237

    Question: Kenyans seeking asylum in certain countries would likely be granted it based on the current climate and their importance to the sport. In the event one or several Kenyans wanted to switch their Kenyan passports for another nation:s, would the IAAF make a special consideration for this and wave their current eligibility laws in place?
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