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Island Living; Lipari

Island Living; Lipari

Lipari is one of my absolute favourite places that I’ve visited so far and it is an island off the coast of Sicily and makes up the largest of the Aeolian Islands. With my family originating from the island I have come to fall in love with one of Italy’s hidden treasures. 

To access the island you need to catch a hydrofoil from a port in Sicily and get off at the port in town to catch a cab to your desired destination. My grandparents have a small house in the area of Canneto, located 10 minutes from the centre. 



During the summer it gets very hot even in the morning and by 8am everyone is sitting at the beach and in the water. The crystal clear water is nothing like the Australian water, however you need to look for the few jellyfish lurking around. After sitting by the beach reading and swimming, I would go back to the house and chill out to lunchtime. In the afternoons all the Italians like to have naps because then they go out at night until much later than us Australians. It’s such a simple life on the island where they don’t care about the latest technology or latest trends which I love.


At night it is very chilled out and everyone likes to hang out and converse over food of course. I would go into town by bus and there is a long strip of shops and restaurants that lead to the old boat port which is a beautiful spot beside the water. Everyone is socialising, eating and having a great time. 


Being an Italian, I love the old style traditional food that they serve. Everything has so much flavour and is always fresh. Everyday after the beach I walked to a popular cafe called Papisca in Canneto which has the best gelato. Having a house, it’s easy to making homemade meals. My grandfather buys fresh bread, cheese, fruit and make the best Italian meals. However, there are many amazing restaurants and cafes around to eat at; prices in Europe are so much cheaper than Australia so eating out often doesn’t break the bank

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