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My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

Like many ladies, my skincare routine changes from time to time depending on the weather, products I own and how my skin is at the time. I have quite a few steps in my skincare routine which I have found work for my normal to dry skin. However, you definitely don’t need this many steps in your routine if only cleansing and moisturiser works for you.

Step 1 

First I take of any makeup that I have on to prepare for my mask. I use the ‘Garner Micellar Cleansing Water’ as I find that it works so well to take of any eye makeup and mascara, better than any makeup remover I have used previously.

Step 2

Although i don’t use a mask everyday, 2-3 days a week I will put on the ‘Mario Badescu Silver Powder’ then wash it off in the shower. The product comes as a powder and before applying to the face you need to add a few drops of water which creates the mask consistency. I find that the mask helps to clear out any impurities on the skin and helps keep it soft and clean.

Step 3

Once I’ve removed my mask and cleansed, I grab the ‘Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray’ and spray all over my face. This really helps to add hydration to my skin before apply any creams.

Step 4

‘Tarte Maracuja Oil’ is a skincare oil which I use next. I mainly use this product to leave my skin feeling smooth, glory and hydrated. However, sometimes I use this on my body or add to my foundation to make it dewy. 

Step 5

Under my eyes I have some texture and find that makeup can accentuate that depending on the formula. The ‘Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment helps to tame the texture and keep it moisturised.

Step 6 

The ‘Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser’ is a gel consistency and one of my favourite moisturises I’ve tried. It’s very lightweight and sinks into the skin therefore it doesn’t make your skin feel heavy unlike some products.

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