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Style Your Bedside Table for Under $50 (Kmart Edition)

Style Your Bedside Table for Under $50 (Kmart Edition)

As someone who shops under a budget, I have fallen in love with shops like Kmart for home decor and inspiration to style an area in my home or a section of my room. In this post, most of the products I have used to style my bedside table are from Kmart and will style any room.

Plant ($6)

Kmart has a large assortment of faux plants, perfect for those who tend to struggle keeping plants alive. It brings a refreshing character to a room adding a pop of colour to the neutrals and fits in perfectly. 

Frame ($4)

I love having pictures in my room to capture memories and display some of my most treasured times. Kmart has so many designs and sizes of frames for such low prices, it's hard to go wrong.

Lamp ($10-$20)

I can't find or remember where I got this lamp from but I know it was not an overly expensive one. However, there are many simple, modern and classic table lamps which you can buy from Kmart or similar stores for $10-$20.


I like to keep my current favourite books and books I'm about to read on my bedside table to have on display and so that I get inspired to read them sooner. I find that it makes the area look more sophisticated and classy.


The hourglass I found at a home decor store for a reasonable price and just adds another detail to the space. For an easier to find decor piece, you can replace this with cheap items from Kmart like a candle or vase.

I like to keep a few other novelty pieces on my bedside table that I either use on an everyday basis or work aesthetically with the theme of my interior. For me, I like to keep my essential oils, sleep spray and crystals in the midst of these items as I use them regularly.


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